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Towering Heights and Volleyball Prowess: Capturing Preston Fixemer | Millard South Senior Photoshoot

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Volleyball player in blue and red smoke
Omaha Senior Millard South High School

Step into the world of Preston Fixemer, a senior from Millard South High School, as we capture his towering presence and exceptional volleyball skills in the studio.


Rising Above: Preston's Towering Stature: Standing tall at an impressive 7'1", Preston's height is a testament to his unique presence. Embracing the opportunity, we captured his remarkable stature, ensuring his personality and individuality shine through in every photograph.

Omaha Senior in Downtown Elkhorn
Millard South Senior Preston Fixemer

Showcasing Volleyball Prowess in the Studio: Preston's remarkable volleyball skills played a significant role in his high school experience. In the studio, we created a dynamic setting that showcased his athleticism, precision, and dedication to the sport. Through carefully crafted shots, we captured moments that showcase his love for volleyball.

Volleyball player in red and blue smoke
Millard South Volleyball Player

Cherishing Memories: A Testament to Preston's Senior Year: As Preston approaches graduation, these photographs serve as a testament to his dedication, achievements, and joy throughout high school. Whether capturing his presence in downtown Elkhorn or showcasing his volleyball skills in the studio, these images will forever symbolize the milestones and memories that shaped Preston's senior year.


If you're a graduating senior looking to capture your own extraordinary moments, contact us today to experience the magic of a senior photo shoot that truly reflects who you are. Let us be a part of your senior year and create timeless memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

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