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Flute, Feline, and Flourish: Maia's Senior Portrait Symphony | Gretna High School

Embark on a visual journey with Maia McNaughton of Gretna High School, class of 2024. From the studio, where Maia's feline companion added a touch of sentiment, to the vibrant scenes of marching band life.


Studio Session: Maia's Cat and Capturing Character

In the studio, Maia's cat became a delightful co-star, adding an element of playfulness to the session. The studio became a canvas for Maia's personality, blending sentimental and whimsy in each take.

Marching Band:

Transitioning from the studio, we turned towards Maia's dedication to music and achievements. We captured Maia's passion for music as well as her dedication, while adorned in her band uniform and wielding a flute.

OPPD Arboretum: Nature's Final Flourish

The session concluded at OPPD Arboretum, where Maia's unique personality was beautifully captured. The outdoor setting provided a serene backdrop for the final notes of this visual composition.

From the studio's playful atmosphere with Maia's feline friend, to the vibrant scenes of marching band life, as well as the tranquil beauty of OPPD Arboretum. Each setting tells a part of Maia's story. This senior photography session is a celebration of Maia's passions, achievements, and the unique moments that define Maia's high school experience. If you're ready to capture your own unique narrative, book your session with Camera Set Pictures and let us transform your moments into a visual symphony that lasts a lifetime.

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