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Sneakers to Skylines: Preslee Williams | High School Senior Photo Shoot

Class of 2024's Preslee Williams senior session was a celebration. From the studio, to the gardens and the landscapes of downtown Omaha. We strove to capture the beauty of her achievements with reflections of her unique personality.


Studio Session: Showcasing Sneaker Passion

Our photographic journey with Preslee began in the studio, where we aimed to highlight her style and passion for sneakers. The session unfolded into a burst of color showcasing her collection with vibrance.

Mount Vernon Gardens: Elegance

Transitioning from the studio to the enchanting Mount Vernon Gardens, we set the stage for a series of formal photos. Against the backdrop of lush greenery, Preslee's radiance shone through. Here we encapsulated the poised grace with which she approaches life and her academic achievements.

Downtown Omaha: Urban Vibes and Cityscape Panoramas

Our journey continued in the heart of downtown Omaha. Atop a parking garage, we captured Preslee in a setting that served as a breathtaking backdrop, emphasizing the excitement and possibilities awaiting this graduate.

We also had the pleasure of capturing a shot featuring Preslee's sister.

At Camera Set Pictures, we strive to capture the essence of every individual's journey. Preslee Williams' senior photography session exemplifies this commitment, from the display of her sneaker collection in the studio, to the elegant formality of Mount Vernon Gardens, and the vibrant landscape of downtown Omaha.

As the Class of 2024 prepares to embark on new adventures, we invite you to trust Camera Set Pictures to tell your story. Book your session with us, and let us transform your moments into cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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