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Pool Waves to End Zones: Owen Stehlik | Platteview High School Senior Photo Shoot

Welcome to the world of Owen Stehlik, a senior powerhouse from Platteview High School, Class of 2024.

Home Sweet Home: Formal Elegance and Furry Friends:

Our journey began at Owen's home, where formality met coziness. Surrounded by the charm of his familiar space, we captured Owen's elegance in formal attire. As an adorable bonus, the Stehlik family's kittens made surprise appearances, adding a touch of delight to the shoot.

Poolside Paradise:

Our adventure continued at Owen's pool, where we soaked in the sun. Owen's vibrant personality shined through as he enjoyed the poolside vibes, creating unforgettable and sometimes hilarious moments in the process.

Sharpshooting: Capturing Owen's Passion at the Gun Range:

Next stop, Owen's gun range, where we delved into one of his passions. These shots epitomize his dedication and focus. The photos speak to his love for shooting sports, blending elements of precision and passion.

Gridiron Glory: Football Moments at Platteview High School:

For the ultimate touchdown, we headed to Owen's high school for some action-packed football photos. His high school's gridiron was the perfect backdrop as we captured Owen's dedication, spirit, and love for the game.

The Heart of Family: Capturing Treasured Moments:

No family journey is complete without the unity of the whole clan. Owen's family joined the session for heartwarming family photos, creating lasting memories that reflect their love, support, and shared laughter.

A Nostalgic Touch: Owen's Sisters and Their Senior Photos:

Owen's journey isn't the first chapter we've had the privilege of capturing. In years past, we had the honor of photographing his sisters Kaitlyn and Ashley. Their sister Brooklyn will finish out the family in 2025.

At Camera Set Pictures, we believe in crafting memorable senior photo sessions that capture the essence of each graduate. Whether it's showcasing personal passions or the bonds of family, we're here to create lasting moments. If you're a senior like Owen, ready to celebrate your journey with a unique photo experience, reach out to us today. Let's create a gallery of memories that reflect your story in an authentic and unforgettable way.

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