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From the Diamond to Downtown: Skylar Gray's Baseball-Fueled Senior Shoot

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Step into the exciting world of Skylar Gray, a senior graduating in 2024 from Middleburg, Florida. Skylar took a leap from Florida to Nebraska to have us capture his senior photos. From the foggy studio to the baseball field and the streets of downtown Omaha, Skylar's senior story is all about celebrating his passion for baseball!

Studio Intensity: Our shoot started at the CSP Studio in Elkhorn, Nebraska. We pumped up the atmosphere with a touch of smoke, creating a vibe that matches Skylar's confidence. In this moody ambiance, we captured Skylar's strong presence and his anticipation for this kick-ass photo session.

Baseball Fever: Action Shots on the Field: Skylar's love for baseball took us to the field, where we snapped him in action. With a bat in hand and determination in his eyes, Skylar showcased his skills and passion for the sport.

Embracing Urban Vibes: Downtown Omaha's Charm: Downtown Omaha's urban vibes providing the backdrop for Skylar's senior photos. Amidst the city's energy, we captured Skylar's easygoing nature. These photos tell a story of a senior who's not only skilled in baseball but also ready to embrace some new experiences.


At Camera Set Pictures, we're all about crafting unforgettable senior photo sessions that capture the essence of each graduate. Whether it's embracing your passion or showing off your surroundings, we're here to make your senior year epic. If you're a senior like Skylar, gearing up for the Class of 2024 graduation, and you're looking for a photo journey that's bold and authentic, drop us a line today. Let's create a gallery of memories that reflects your story.

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