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Beats and Blades: Logan Kauffman | Westside High School Senior Photo Shoot

Embarking on the visual storytelling journey with Logan Kauffman from the Westside Class of 2024 was a unique exploration of his passions and personality.


Baxter Arena: On Ice and In Focus

Our journey commenced at the Baxter Arena, where Logan's love for hockey took center stage. Against the backdrop of the ice rink, we aimed to capture the intensity and determination that Logan brings to his team.

Studio Session: Rhythm and Beats with a Splash

Transitioning from the ice to the studio, we turned to a different passion in Logan's life – his drum kit. By pouring water on the drum set, we created a visually stunning effect to the images. The interplay of controlled chaos that the water provided, as well as the rhythmic beats, resulted in a series of images that not only showcased Logan's musical prowess but also added an innovative twist to his senior photography session.

Downtown Omaha: City Lights and Urban Vibes

The final leg of our photographic adventure took us to the streets of downtown Omaha. Here we aimed to capture Logan's calm and composed demeanor. Each frame tells a story of a senior, full of youth and sophistication, ready to step out into the world.

From the intense atmosphere of Baxter Arena's hockey rink to the rhythmic chaos in the studio and the urban vibrancy of downtown Omaha, every photograph tells a unique story of Logan's high school journey. At Camera Set Pictures, we are dedicated to crafting personalized narratives that go above and beyond while infusing each session with creativity. As the Class of 2024 prepares for their own senior milestones, we invite you to book your session with Camera Set Pictures, where we turn moments into memories that last a lifetime.

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