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2021 Omaha Senior Photographer | Millard West High School | Nebraska Senior Photographer |

Meet Chandler Pingel. Graduating from Millard West High School.


Even looking back at this session I still think it has to be one of my favorites. This is exactly what I what my photographer business to be, telling stories. Not just your average normal pictures, which we still got. But portraits that showcase a personality. Chandler will be attending Full Sail this year. We wanted to feature VR and some of his favorite games. Which brings me to the image below......

We had figured out everything we wanted to do during the consult but on the day of shooting when we were basically wrapping everything up he asked if I could do a real quick green screen shot of him emulating his favorite character! So of course I said sure because it seemed like a real simple thing to do (cue sarcasm right now). We ending up printing this on a 24" x 36" Metal that looked absolutely mind blowing. Long story short, I love when kids are passionate about something, it gets me even more excited!


Enjoy the rest of his images below.

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