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2021 Omaha Senior Photographer | Millard South High School | Nebraska Senior Photogragher

Looks like we officially have the first blog down for the 2021 school year.

Meet Sydney McDermott

Omaha Senior Leaning Against a Brick Wall
2021 Senior Sydney McDermott. Millard South High School

Sydney is a Staff Reporter for Millard South's newspaper, Common Sense. I immediately had a bunch of fun ideas using an old type writer and a custom made backdrop. Such a fun way to tell her story!


She's also big into debate and reading. We tried our best to try to get into some cool vintage book stores but with all the Covid, it just wasn't happening. Sydney blew my expectations away! During our consult she seemed like a shy girl and that I was going to have a hard time breaking down that wall. After a few clicks and she saw what we were creating it was like a switch had flipped and it was GAME ON!

Enjoy what we created and if you know anyone looking for a more complete senior experience, please send them my way! They will not be disappointed!


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