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2021 Omaha Senior Photographer | Blair High School | Nebraska Senior Photographer | Elkhorn

Meet Coley Davis. Graduating from Blair High School.

Breaking the rules. Safely that is.........

That Nebraska wind was actually working for us, finally.


It always makes such a huge difference when your subject is into the session just as much as you are. We were just doing the consult I could already tell just how excited mom and Coley both were.


We mostly shot around downtown Elkhorn during a dark and gloomy day that worked out so well for us. I remember showing the back of the camera a few times and both of them just being blown away and heck I think I even got a few hugs as well!

We finished the night on on Blondo St. to get some images of him with his Audi, because why not?!?

I'm just starting to gear up for next year's seniors. So if you know anyone that wants to be apart of this please send them my way!


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