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Meet Brittany and Alex. They Just got married!

Couple in vineyard
Brittany and Alex just got MARRIED!

Alright so we have a little sneak peak for everyones viewing pleasure! I'm just coming off a double wedding weekend with a bonus engagement session on Sunday so needless to say I might need a few days to recover. These two just got married on Friday which had to be one of the hottest days ever. They got hitched at The Palace in Treynor, IA. The venue was pretty amazing an actually my first time being there, so that's a plus for me.

Couple at The Palace Event Center
The Palace Wedding Venue

Even with the heat we all still managed to have an amazing time. I remember Alex dropping Brittany during the portrait session! Not everyone can dip I suppose? :)

You will have to take my word for it but these two even got a to go down a 180ft zip line, because why not?! This is my second outing with the McGee family and I couldn't be more honored they had me out to shoot there second son's wedding, not to mention three others couples weddings I photographed as well.

A big thanks to my second Katie Stauffer for making the day go so smooth!


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