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Omaha Wedding Photographer | Downtown Omaha Engagement Session | Nebraska Photographer

We squeezed in this session between the heat and high winds and captured a truly happy couple.

Meet Cassidy and Terrance

Omaha Senior Leaning Against a Brick Wall
Cassidy and Terrance Engagement Session


I try and make it a policy to meet every couple before I book a wedding with them, a good fit is very important. You have to have fun :) With this couple I did not get a chance to do that, first meeting them you can tell that they are in love! No problems showing that in front of the camera either. I often found myself not talking just so I could get them to stop giggling!

I found out later that we both found our significant other off the same "dating" service, I'll leave it at that.

Looking forward to helping them plan their wedding, we have some time. You won't be seeing them again until 9/04/2021 !


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