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2021 Omaha Senior Photographer | Millard West High School | Nebraska Senior Photographer

Meet Isabella Dirks

Omaha Senior Leaning Against a Brick Wall

Been falling behind on these blogs. Must be getting pretty busy.......


We have a girl who loves music right here! I remember in her consult that she told me that she loved the band, 21 Pilots, and I told her that I had worked on one of their very first music videos and that they were some pretty cool dudes. Not as cool as me but whatever.

I had the Dirk family bring in the studio all the records they could find and I ending up building this sweet looking set out of peg board and gotta say it turned out pretty damn cool. Bella is also her brothers biggest fans so we had to include them in this session as well, the image can be found below.

Its getting close to where I am going to have to start turning down seniors because of how full I'm getting! So if you want in nows the time! You won't regret it!


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